Tuesday, December 20, 2011

contoh text report

Smanca SMANCA is a one of the best  high school in distric of liliriaja, soppeng regency. It have many students and many teachers. There are many rooms, some field for sport and some canteen. In the center, have a park and monument similar of monas.
Smanca students in grade 2 and 3 are divide over IA and IS.  There are many teachers,  were also divide into each lesson such as mathematics, physics, history and etc. there are a lot of room in it, such as staff room, principal's office, cooperatives, libraries and many other. And have a field for basketball, volleyball, and takraw. Smanca mosque is located near a basketball field.
Gate  is located right in front of the principal and there is a security gatehouse located around the parking lot. And the parking lot of smanca irregular because of the many vehicles of students
There are many canteen located almost in the corner and middle school.  Middle  of the park there is a right middle school. There are lots of flowers there and there is a similar monument Monas
Ceremony field surround by many trees. And  every Monday ceremony is always held.

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